King James Brings The Land a Crown picks up the Cleveland Cavaliers’ tale with the 2015 Finals loss to Golden State on their home floor. It chronicles the team’s victorious journey back to that summit to which this generation’s greatest sports icon returned for his storybook ending.

It’s undoubtedly the greatest “prodigal returns” narrative in sports history: Only a handful of stars in any sport have ever led their hometown to a championship (Kent Hrbek, Pete Rose, Dick Butkus) and none ever returned home to such fanfare and promise. (Admittedly, none of them left in the first place.)

In one move James went from Judas to Galahad, bringing home the golden cup to a hollowed-out industrial city desperate for sports sunshine after decades of acid rain. It erased 52 years and 146 seasons of futility, going back to the city’s halcyon days led by another larger than life legend, Jim Brown.

The story winds over 350 pages from opening night in Chicago with Barrack Obama in attendance, through the season’s 82 games to a game-by-game ride through the playoffs. You’ll read about Love’s one-on-one games with his dad, how Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson brought them together, how players build, hone and polish the go-to moves, and of course an in-depth examination of Tyronn Lue’s value to the team and the circumstance of David Blatt’s firing.

It includes a beat-by-beat review of that final, game for the ages, Game 7. It’s almost like hearing the game on the radio. There are also 16 pages of color photos including shots of James and Carmelo Anthony competing in high school, Kyrie Irving’s game-winning three and LeBron’s incredibly block on Andre Iguodala.

Over the last few months, I have read many books about the Cavaliers run to an NBA Title. While many are good, I find Chris' book to be quintessential telling of a story that if wasn't real, would seem conjured out of thin air. Chris' retelling perfectly blends the memory, fact and emotion that led to a magical culmination for a man, a franchise, and a community.
Ken Carman
Ken Carman
Sports Radio Personality
If bringing the Championship to Cleveland was LeBron James' great white then Chris Parker could be Ishmael, firsthand witness to the froth and churn of an epic run. More a chronicle than postmortem, King James Brings the Land a Crown provides readers with keen insight into the Cavaliers' seasonal ups and downs, their on-and-off the court challenges, and their miraculous comeback.
Peter Vecsey
Peter Vecsey
Longtime NBA Columnist
Parker has captured the essence of the most unbelievable comeback in NBA history in my opinion. Everyone thought the Cavs had come up short again. This team rewrote the entire sports history of a hardworking, fan loyal sports city. Truly witnessing greatness in LeBron James. Cleveland is on top of the sports world. Thank you, LeBron James!
Brad Daugherty
Brad Daugherty
5-Time NBA All-Star, Former Cavalier
52 years is a long time for the most passionate sports fans… Chris Parker chronicles the journey which led the city, fans, and team to the pinnacle of NBA basketball, the 2015–16 NBA championship!
Mike Fratello
Mike Fratello
Ex-Cavs Coach/Czar of the Telestrator
Chris Parker captures the essence of a championship season from the Cavaliers inner sanctum'. LeBron's influence, and ability to will an organization to those never achieved heights of victory. King James Brings The Land a Crown is a compelling read.
Michael Reghi
Michael Reghi
Former Cavaliers TV Play-by-Play Broadcaster
With insight and analysis that you won't find in the daily papers, Parker explores how LeBron and the Cavs overcame the Cleveland Curse and stormed to the 2016 NBA title. Nobody "breaks it down" quite like Chris.
David Aretha
David Aretha
Editor and author over 150 books & biographies

Take An Inside Look

As told by Chris Parker, a Cleveland beat reporter who followed the team for two years for the Cleveland Scene, King James Brings The Land a Crown is a travelogue of the ups and downs of their historic season.

It features a thorough pastiche of play-by-play vignettes, coach and player quotes, strategic basketball analysis and deeper insight into how the Cavaliers overcame their inconsistency to stage the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history against a team that had just completed the best regular season ever.

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About The Author

Chris Parker has written authoritatively on a dizzying array of subjects as a freelancer for more than two decades and penned well over 3000 articles.

He cut his teeth in feature writing, particularly music, writing for Billboard, Hollywood Reporter, AVClub and NPR. Over the years he’s interviewed Lindsay Buckingham, Ray Davies, the Black Eyed Peas, Elvis Costello, Michael Franti, Doc Watson and one crazy evening spent time with David Bowie, Liv Tyler and Kate Moss.

From there he moved onto longform journalism, writing cover stories for alternative weeklies across that nation, including the Village Voice, LA Weekly, SF Weekly, City Pages, Dallas Observer, San Antonio Current, Phoenix New Times, Miami New Times, Orlando Weekly and Cleveland Scene.

He’s written primarily about policy and science, penning exposés on the online poker shutdown, larcenous for-profit colleges, tax-evading corporations, the hacker collective Anonymous, Medicare fraud, our healthcare system, the real estate bubble, the fracking oil crash and the microbiome, among others.

Two years ago, when LeBron James returned to Cleveland, he decided to jump into sports journalism by following the Cavaliers as a beat reporter. His intensive postgame articles for the Scene frequently run over 3000 words, displaying a rigor and level of analysis typically absent from postgame write-ups in the local dailies or major online publications.

He recalls ESPN’s Zach Lowe and other choice bloggers in his use of video and stills to pull back the curtain on what teams are doing on the floor, demystifying pro teams’ sets for the lay person much as Madden did years ago for football.